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Chances are you have wanted to find out what all the buzz is about regarding the latest in extreme sports “kitesurfing”. This sport has taken over the water recreation areas of some popular beaches so that people can learn the hybrid sport of both kiting and surfing. There are many cool techniques that you can learn. These dangerous maneuvers can help you improve your surfing skills immensely. By harnessing the power of the wind and ocean, your board can reach top speeds while you fly into the air at 20 feet. There is an adrenaline rush involved for thrill seekers alike.

You may have come here to learn about various aspects of this great water sport and we have content that can steer you into the right direction for techniques, maneuvers and safety. Before you set foot into the water we recommend a qualified licensed instructor should train everybody. That is their job and they do it well!

Through your initial instruction, you should learn the basics of kitesurfing including:

Kitesurfing is not for everybody. It truly does earn its reputation as an extreme sport for a reason. Learn the proper etiquette and work together as a team and you can have a blast with kitesurfing.

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